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Summer, so far, has been a refreshing change after the challenges of last year. The village has been bustling with activity and despite the cancellation of the New Year’s Eve parade, the fireworks delighted. Soundsplash was a hit, and the general mood has been happy and relaxed.

This month at iHub we are introducing Anastasia Gavin. Anastasia makes appealing paua and crystal necklaces suspended on incredibly delicate macrame. She noticed a gap in the supply of paua products at the time she was selling her crystal necklaces at iHub and decided to fill it. Her Bliss Body Oil and Body Butter, inspired by her desire for natural skincare, have also become favourite’s among iHub visitors, 

Initially the body products were a terrific gift and because the recipients liked them so much, she made more with people discovering them on her Facebook page. Despite not openly marketing the body butter or oil, she has a loyal base of customers. Some could say it is a very exclusive and unique product.

Anastasia’s roots run deep in Raglan, educated at the local Area School, and drawn back by its lure to raise her family. Karioi always calls her home. Her mother was the well-known Raglan-born artist and former primary school teacher Jenny Rhodes. She painted numerous historic buildings in Raglan, some of which are no longer in existence. Anastasia is carrying on the artistic inclination in the family. Anastasia also works part-time at Raglan Artisan Bread and has observed the increasing popularity of Raglan among travellers, drawn by its vibe, surf, and friendly locals.

Now with more time on her hands as her family grows, Anastasia indulges in her creative pursuits, finding solace in her garden and walks with her dog. It’s a fulfilling life centred around creativity and nature.

The Raglan iHub is open 7 days a week 10am–3pm located at 13 Wainui Road. Come in and visit our volunteering team who can help share their local knowledge with great tips of things to do and visit, and shop local whilst supporting our local Whaingaroa information centre.

By Liz Yorston.  Photos by Shelley Rikys.