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Community / Hapori

Raglan iHub Information Centre

Over the years there have been a growing number of organisations and businesses that have grown out of the strong sense of community/hapori that exists in Raglan Whaingaroa.

Raglan Naturally

Supporting Whāingaroa to achieve our community goals
Raglan Naturally’s approach to community-led development is a unique initiative to achieve community aspirations and goals from the ‘ground-up’. Raglan Naturally is founded on building, growing and empowering relationships with iwi/hapū and community based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles.
Raglan Naturally guides and supports all who are connected to Whāingaroa Raglan.
Raglan Naturally encourages and supports the community to find solutions and take action.
We celebrate and share.
Click for Raglan Naturally website
Raglan Naturally Community Plan 2020
Raglan Radio, Whaingaroa's Community Radio Station

Raglan Community Radio

“Raglan Community Radio is New Zealand’s longest running independent community station and totally dedicated to our local community. We’re situated in the front of the town hall on the main street where visitors are always welcome to drop in.”
Livestream link: https://raglanradio.com/Live.html
We currently have about 30 volunteers aged between 4 and 85 and all residents and visitors alike are welcome to join them on the air – we are always keen to train up new DJs and podcasters.
We’re also a great source of news about Raglan with our daily podcasts and written items available via our website and social media.
Website: https://raglanradio.com

Whāingaroa Environment Centre

Whāingaroa Environment Centre
Deepening community-shared knowledge of our environment and encouraging action towards a balanced and resilient Whāingaroa 
He waka eke noa
We are all in the canoe together, no exceptions
We deliver environmental programmes, workshops, and raise awareness of environmental issues.
The WEC hub is located in the Raglan Town Hall and is used as an office, meeting and workshop space.
We also have a mobile hub that we take out into the community. The mobile hub is used to promote environmentally sustainable practices and connect the community with our projects.
Click for Whāingaroa Environment Centre website

Xtreme Zero Waste

Community Recycling Services & Resource recovery centre founded by families in the community (2000).
We are a whanau working together with yours, towards zero waste.
Ko te mahi ngatahi kia para kore te whenua.
Recycling | Reuse Shop (Kāhu’s Nest) | Compost | Wood & Metal Yard
Zero waste is our past and our future. The Whāingaroa community zero waste programme has been working hard for the last 22 years to achieve a 75-80% diversion of waste from landfill. Let’s work collectively to achieve the last 20-25%.
Phone 07 825 6509 | Hours Monday–Friday 12:30pm–5pm; Saturday–Sunday 10am–5pm
Address 186 Te Hutewai Rd | Click for Xtreme Zero Waste website
Xtreme Zero Waste image

Karioi Project

Karioi Project, Raglan, NZ, 2023
Ngā Kōrero Whakapū – Our Story
When you tug on a single thread in nature….you’ll find it attached to the rest of the world” – John Muir
When you look across the horizon, there’s an invisible web of threads from New Zealand to the rest of the world…. they’re the flightpaths of seabirds travelling thousands of kilometres from nesting to feeding grounds.
Just 200 years ago, seabirds filled our coastal forests and every year thousands of seabirds flocked to our coastline to raise their chicks. It’s no coincidence we are known as the Seabird Capital of the World.
Until recently the last remnant species of seabird on Karioi, the Grey Faced petrel / Ōi was struggling to breed – now due to the hard work of our team we have chicks once again successfully fledging!
Click for Karioi Project website

Raglan Community House

The Raglan Community House coordinates activities and provides services to our community, with a wide network of regional and local service providers and endeavour to link people to the services they need.
Our Vision is Whaingaroa – A safe and healthy community
Through our work the Raglan community is connected to the services and networks that can provide assistance and support, is safe, healthy and resilient and is a place where people look out for each other.
Click for Raglan Community House website
Raglan Community House
Raglan Growers Market

Raglan Growers Market

Our objective is to create a flourishing market where local growers can bring homegrown produce to the wider community, strengthening community food resilience and well-being, supporting the local food grower economy, and contributing to environmental health.
Click for Raglan Growers Market website

Raglan Museum

Entry to Raglan & District Museum is through Raglan Information located on the right side of the museum building at 15 Wainui Road, Raglan.
Car Parking:
Free parking is available in the museum car park and on Wainui Road.
School and Group Visits
We welcome pre-arranged visits from schools and groups. Please see our information page for details on arranging a school or group visit.
Opening hours
Current open hours are 10am – 3pm and entry Adults $5 and Kids $2, pre-schoolers free
EFTPOS available.
Closed: Christmas Day and morning of ANZAC DAY
15 Wainui Road, Raglan, Waikato
Click here to visit the Raglan Museum website
Raglan Museum 2023 hours and website link

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