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The iHub would like to invite major event organisers to work together and notify the community hub of upcoming planned events.

Working together collaboratively will help improve knowledge and sharing of information whilst also promoting your local event further to a wider network of visitors.

The initiative aims to bolster community spirit and foster a vibrant cultural scene within Raglan by providing a platform for event organisers to highlight their activities and engage with a wider audience.

Located adjacent to the Museum, the iHub serves as a hub for both locals and tourists seeking information about Raglan and its surroundings. The volunteers are well-informed, the website is comprehensive, and the creative pieces for sale all draw in visitors.

Through the collaboration, event planners may advertise their events on the iHub website, expanding their audience and drawing attention to Raglan’s thriving arts and culture scene. Additionally, the iHub provides services that enable visitors to book tickets and plan their itineraries while in the village.

This is a valuable opportunity to increase exposure and connect with the community. It not only helps reach a wider audience but also strengthens the fabric of the community by encouraging participation and cooperation.

The iHub team already use the great web service provided by Raglan Community Radio using the current and up to date Whats On in Raglan Calendar and guide to find out about regular events and events happening on the day and throughout the week.    

Key event organisers interested in working with iHub are encouraged to reach out to the hub’s coordinators to discuss opportunities for promotion and partnership. 

The partnership between the iHub and event planners represents a team effort to highlight the best that Raglan has to offer and celebrate the richness of community life.  

By Liz Yorston.  Illustration by Raglan Creatives.