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Road Closures / Roadworks

Apart from local knowledge, one online way to check on the status of major roads in and around Raglan (and the wider Waikato), is via the District Council website:


This list is updated on most days and can assist with immediate plans as well as forward planning.

Weaving experiences through people and place’

Welcome to the Whaingaroa/Raglan iHub, the one stop destination for all you need to know about this beautiful place.

We are a community defined by our natural rugged landscape, our unique connection from shoreline to mountain top, inland to our gentle rolling hills, our daily lives in synchronicity with the ebb and flow of the tides and changing seasons.

This place is made up of our coastal township of Raglan and our rural communities. We are diverse, we value hapu and iwi, we are people friendly with a strong community spirit grounded firmly in taking care of each other and our environment.

We celebrate creativity; arts, music, dance, theatre, drama, education, food and innovation.

We are renowned for our world class surf breaks, however, Raglan has so much more to offer, whether you’re seeking that perfect wave, exploring our eclectic shops, browsing our numerous galleries, learning our rich history, or simply enjoying a coffee, Raglan has something just for you.

We warmly welcome you here to this place that we are blessed to call home, we ask that you love and care for our place, as we do and in return, we will take care of you.

Nau mai, haere mai ki Whaingaroa


Swim | Surf | Bike | Kite | Fish | Sail | Kyak | Paddleboard | Rockclimb


Tracks | Trails | Karioi | Wairaenga | Arts Trail | Boat Cruises

Check the Tracks & Trails page

Karioi Mountain is 756m high, also known as 2,480 ft.

Putoetoe is the original name for the Raglan township.

Museum Fees

Updated visitor fees: Adults $5, Children $2, Pre-schoolers free.

Eat / Drink / Relax

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iHub Signboard – NEW

We are excited to announce a new promotional signboard outside the Raglan iHub on Wainui Road and visible 24/7.

See the Press Release here


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Camping Taupuni

Freedom Camping in Raglan

See the MAP link below for where you can and can’t park your self-contained vehicle for the night.  Freedom camping is prohibited in the areas marked in red.

If you are in a self-contained vehicle you can camp anywhere in our district except in the prohibited areas on the map.

You can stay up to 3 nights in each area. If you are driving a certified self-contained vehicle, please dispose of your grey water (sink and shower) and toilet waste in a safe and environmentally sound way at an approved dump station. It is recommended that you dispose of your waste every 2-3 days.   The Raglan dump station is located  Marine Parade, Raglan

If not in a self-contained vehicle you will need to stay in a holiday park, campground or a Department of Conservation camping area.

There are 3 campgrounds in the Raglan Whaingaroa district
Raglan Holiday Park: https://www.raglanholidaypark.co.nz/
Te Kopua Whanau Camp: phone 021 354 635, 86 Riria Kereopa Memorial Drive
Ruapuke Motorcamp: https://ruapukemotorcamp.co.nz/

For the MAP and further information about freedom camping in the Waikato District, refer to:

Raglan Growers Market

Raglan – where Mountain meets Surf

Raglan – where Creative Lifestyles prosper

Raglan Local Energy (RLE) is your community-focused electricity retail service. With the help of good people and smart tech, we provide an easy way for people to share clean, local energy.

RLE is all about enabling the Raglan Whāingaroa community to lead the way in local, sustainable energy production and conscious consumption.

If you reckon energy that’s community-oriented, offers great rates, supports Raglan in becoming a beacon for a zero carbon energy future and helps drive uptake of clean, local power generation, then RLE is for you!

RLE’s time-of-use pricing that gives you the power and offers rewarding rates for matched local energy.

What’s not to like?  RLE also runs regular ‘office hours’ from the Raglan i-Hub – check out our Facebook page for days and times. To join or find out more about RLE, go to raglanlocalenergy.co.nz or email us at kiaora@raglanlocalenergy.co.nz

Raglan – Then – 1987

Gary McCormick as a genial small town anthropologist discovering the locals, and Dave McArtney alongside Midge Marsden and the Mudsharks at the Harbour View Hotel, and discusses land rights with kaumatua Sam Kereopa.


Go tour our selection of historical articles, photographs and videos AND, of course, our Museum!

Raglan – Now – 2021

Muroki and Benee talk about life in Raglan. Muroki and his band recently mixed some small town dates in Raglan, Leigh and Colville alongside headline shows in Auckland and Wellington.


The YOT Club and Raglan Club feature local and international music, plus the Open Mics are legendary.

The Whaingaroa Raglan Destination Management Organisation which manages the Raglan iHub is grateful for funding support from the following organisations: